Lowongan Kerja PT. Badak NGL

By | July 3, 2012

Loker Badak NGL Bontang

Badak NGL / Badak LNG Plant is one of 2 liquid natural gas plants that supporting Indonesian LNG business, located in Bontang, East Kalimantan. The name of Badak was derived from location of the first gas pit found to supply gas to Badak LNG plant.

The construction was initiated in mid 1974 and about 36 months later, on July 5, 1977, the LNG was produced from the first LNG Train, namely Train A. The plant was officially inaugurated on August 1, and the first Indonesia LNG shipment was departed from Bontang on August 9, 1977 by LNG Aquarius tanker with destination Senboku, Japan.

For more than 33 years, Badak LNG plant which initially was designed and built for 2 plants, has succeeded with an expansion to become 8 trains and equipped with additional facility to produce LPG. Such additional facility and plant development has increased the LNG production from initial capacity of 3.3 billions tons in 1977 to more than 22 million tons of LNG and 1.2 million tons of LPG per year.

At the same time, the gas pipeline are added, from one pipe line of 36 Inch to become four gas pipelines 36 Inch and 42 Inch which supply natural gas from gas fields to fill LNG and LPG. Badak LNG plant has at present equipped with 3 LNG/LPG loading piers which can be operated simultaneously.

In order to support the mission of the above PT Badak NGL will recruit the best candidates to be potential participants:

  1. Management Trainees for Operators & Technician
  2. Pre-Employment Program (PEP) is the training program also an assessment before a permanent labor
  3. Permanent workers

Management Trainees for Operators & Technician


  • Certified terakhit D3 majoring in chemical engineering, chemical analyst, engineering physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering and processing techniques of oil and gas (Migas)
  • GPA 2.5
  • Willing to follow the program for 18 months
  • maximum 25 years in public July 31, 2012
  • application code “MT8”

Pre-Employment Program (PEP) is the training program also an assessment before a permanent labor
Permanent workers

For participants who received the facilities and incentives will get interesting.

General requirements are:

A. Pre-Employment Program – Application Code “PEP”
1. Last certified (S1) majoring in:
a. Mechanical Engineering (Electrical Power Lines)
b. Chemical Engineering
c. Mechanical Engineering
d. engineering Physics
e. Civil Engineering
f. Economics and Accounting
2. GPA 2.75
3. TOEFL score of at least 450
4. Age maximum 27 years on July 31, 2012
5. Willing to follow the PEP program for 2 (two) years

B. Experienced workers – Application Code “IAU”

  1. Last certified degree (S1) with the Accounting Department, Economic Management, and Information Engineering
  2. GPA 2.75
  3. The minimum TOEFL score 450
  4. Age maximum 35 years on July 31, 2012
  5. Preferably have a certificate of Qualified Internal Auditor (QIA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Certified Information System Audit (CISA)
  6. Experience as Auditor

For detail and download application form, please follow :

Loker Badak NGL Juli 2012