Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation (DII) Programs

By | March 24, 2010

Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation (DII), is one of the 18 Danone Institutes worldwide, lead by Danone Institute International in France. Danone Institute was founded in France in 1991. As part of its growth, Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation was incorporated on May 4, 2007 under the name “Yayasan Institut Danone Indonesia”.

The Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation is a non-profit organization, independent from Danone business units. The Foundation has a mission of promoting scientific research findings and fieldworks in international scientific communities, as well as supporting the advancement and sharing of knowledge between scientists and professionals in the field of dietetic, nutrition, and health. The Foundation is supported by eight Scientific Members from various institutions in Indonesia.

The following are three main programs of the Foundation:

  1. Research grant for doctorate candidate,
  2. Research grant for institutions, and
  3. Grant for publication in international journals.

In the three years of its existence, the Foundation has awarded 11 researchers, 3 publication grants, organized/co-organized 2 and sponsored/co-sponsored 4 scientific gatherings.
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