Lowongan Kerja Wavin Duta Jaya

By | July 7, 2012

Lowongan kerja wavin

Wavin Duta Jaya established since 1973. All our activities are under the supervision / licensing Wavin BV Holland, one of the largest PVC pipe manufacturer in the world with production facilities spread across Europe. Experience for more than a quarter of a century and full technical support from Wavin BV Holland has consistently produced excellent output quality.

Wavin provides a complete range of pipes and fittings with brand Wavin and Rucika to meet all the needs of the pipeline. We have supplied hundreds of thousands of kilometers and thousands of pipe fittings of various types for drinking water network installed in millions of households in Indonesia. Our experts are ready to provide explanations and training to help consumers facing problems when installing in the field. In addition, after-sales service we can always be counted on to solve problems that arise after the pipe is installed.

No doubt, Wavin is the right choice for a quality system of PVC pipe. For customer satisfaction, we are committed to giving a lot more than just provide a pipe so that each consumer can get water anywhere and at any time.

Wavin Job Vacancies

  1. Accounting-Supervisor (ACS)
  2. Staff Accounting (SAC)
  3. Maintenence-Supervisor (MTC)
  4. Personalia-Supervisor (PRS)
  5. PPIC-Superintendent (SI)
  6. Purchasing-Supervisor (PCH)
  7. Staf Produksi (PRO)
  8. Programmer Supervisor (PGR)

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PO BOX 1611 SB 60016
email : hrd.recruitment@djabessejati.co.id