Vacancy Lecturer Jurusan Teknik Industri Universitas Pancasila (Post : August 30, 2010)

By | August 30, 2010


The new university named as Pancasila University (new). Engineering Faculty was consisted of departments of : Architecture, Civil, Ship, and aeronautika, and placed at Jl. Borobudur no.7 Central Jakarta.

In furthure progress, according to the trend, the departement of ship and aeronautika merger as mechanical department. To fulfilled the ages demand, in 1971, the department of Electrical is established.Since 1988, the engineering faculty placed at new campus at Srengsengsawah, South Jakarta.
At present Pancasila University is consisted of 5 faculties, Pharmaceu, Economic, Law, Engineering and Phsycology.Engineering faculty is consisted of six departments : Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Informatics and Electrical.Nowadays, Engineering Faculty of Pancasila University has 2500 studentbody.

The department of Mechanical and the department of Architecture are winning the Program Hibah Kompetisi A2 and A3 from Dikti. In the mean while, the department of Informatics has just finished the Program Hibah Kompetisi A1 which is started in 2004.

As developing faculty, our civitas academy (student, profesor and staff) implement information and communication technology and student center learning in learning process. This is such a big challange !


Kualifikasi :

  • Pendidikan min S2 sebidang (jurusan Teknik Industri)
  • Usia max 40 tahun
  • Tidak terikat dengan instansi lain
  • Bahasa Inggris Aktif
  • Lulusan dari PTN/PTS terakreditasi min B
  • Ipk min 3

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