Lowongan Kerja Kino Group Maret 2011

By | March 5, 2011

Kino Group started as a small distribution company named Duta Lestari Sentratama back in 1991.  Nowadays Duta Lestari Sentratama  has grown significantly with hundred of vehicles and 6 office branches to handle its operation throughout Java. Expanding into the manufacturing industry, Kino Sentra Industrindo was built as a confectionary manufacturing company in 1997 with its factory located in Semarang, Central Java.  Kino Sentra Industrindo keeps on actively creating a wide range of confectionary products such as candies, snacks and chocolates.

Another big step was taken in 1999, Kinocare Era Kosmetindo,  manufacturer of a wide range of personal care products for all genders and ages was established. 2003 saw Kinocare Era Kosmentindo enlarged  its businesses further into homecare division by providing a wide range of homecare products under the brand Sleek.

Later Kino stepped further into Beverage industries by producing Panther Energy Drink.

Expanding  into Asian region, in 2002 Kino opened its branch office in Malaysia; Kino Care (M) Sdn. Bhd., and in 2003 in the Philippine; Kino Consumer Philippines Inc. and also established distributorships with some other big distributor companies in Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam and Myanmar.

After almost two decades, Kino Corporation Group  products are now available in big distributors, hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-markets, thousands of cosmetic stores as well as  million of small traditional outlets throughout  the Indonesian archipelago.  Kino’s product quality has met international standard qualification, proved by the increasing demands from the markets all over the world. However, Kino fully realizes that it can not be complacent. Today’s success should boost it motivation for even greater accomplishments in the future . “The Innovator” m

Posisi yang dibutuhkan :
1. Analis QA (Sukabumi)
2. R & D (Cikande-Serang, Sunter-JakUt)
3. Maintenance dan General Affair Staff (Sukabumi)
4. Formulator Supervisor (Cikande-Serang dan Pandaan-Surabaya)
5. PPIC Spv (Sukabumi)
6. Management Trainee Sales Marketing* dan Management Trainee Operation** (Penempatan seluruh cabang Kino Group)

Persyaratan :
Analis QA (Sukabumi)
1.P/ L, usia maks 28 tahun, single
2.SMK Kimia/ D3 Kimia

R & D (Cikande-Serang, Sunter-JakUt)
1.L/P, maks 28 tahun ,S1 Apoteker
2.Pengalaman di stability tes atau fresh graduate, Bersedia kerja shift

Maintenance dan General Affair Staff (Sukabumi)
1.L, usia maks 28 tahun, D3 Any Major, single
2.Pengalaman 1 tahun.
3.Mengerti mesin dan kelistrikan

Formulator Supervisor (Cikande-Serang dan Pandaan-Surabaya)
1.P/L, maks. 29 th, S1 Farmasi
2.Pengalaman di lab Formulasi min 1 tahun

PPIC Spv (Sukabumi)
1.P/L, maks. 32 th, S1 Farmasi , Kimia, Teknik Industri
2.Pengalaman min 1 tahun

Management Trainee Sales Marketing* dan Management Trainee Operation** (Penempatan seluruh cabang Kino Group)
1.P/L, umur maks. 25 tahun, single S1 segala jurusan (* dan **)
2.Memiliki sales driven (minat pada bidang sales), memiliki SIM C dan bisa mengendarai motor sendiri (*)
3.S1 jurusan Bisnis Administrasi, Management, Keuangan, dan Akuntansi ( **)
4.Fresh graduate diperbolehkan untuk melamar, bersedia pendidikan 1 tahun di Kapuk

Kirim lamaran dan data pendukung ke:
Kino Group (Corporate Recruitment and Assesment)
Gd. Data Scrip Lt. 5 Kawasan Niaga Selatan Blok B-15, Bandar Kemayoran Jakarta 10610