Lowongan Kerja Tambang Sulawesi PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (PT Inco)

By | March 14, 2012

PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (Vale Indonesia) peviously known as PT International Nickel Indonesia, Tbk (PTI), is a foreign investment company with a license from the Government of Indonesia to explore, mine, process and produce nickel. The company was established in July 1968.

We are currently operating in Sulawesi Island under a Contract of Work (CoW) agreement with the Indonesian Government. The company signed the initial CoW agreement with the government on July 27, 1968. On Jan. 15, 1996, we signed an agreement regarding the modification and extension of the original CoW, effective from April 1, 2008, to Dec. 28, 2025.

The initial area of our company’s concession was 218,528 hectares:118,387 hectares in Sorowako, South Sulawesi; 63,506 hectares in Pomalaa, Southeast Sulawesi; and 36,635 hectares in Bahodopi, Central Sulawesi.

Moreover, the government approved the relinquishment of a total land area of approximately 28,000 hectares or 12.8 percent of the total CoW area in 2010. After the relinquishment, our CoW area is now about 190,000 hectares in total.

Mining and processing of nickel ore to intermediate nickel in matte, contains on average 78 percent nickel and 20 percent sulfur, have been our business operations. Vale Indonesia’s entire production is shipped to Japan under a long-term contract.

Vale Canada (formerly Vale Inco Limited), a subsidiary of Vale’s base metals business and the world’s second-largest nickel producer, is Vale Indonesia’s majority shareholder (58.73 percent). The remaining stakes are owned by Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd. (20.09 percent), public and other shareholders (21.18 percent).

We at Vale Indonesia are currently well on our way to becoming the largest nickel producer in the world, by creating a long-term value all through excellence and passion toward people and the Earth.

PT Vale Indonesia Tbk Job vacanices

  1. SSO Finance (Code : SF-EN)
  2. Chemist (Code : CH-ER)
  3. General Tax Accountant (Code :F-ER)

SSO Finance (Code : SF-EN)

Position Requirements

  • Graduate in Accounting in Reputable Unisersity.
  • 3 years working as accountant include:
  • * 2 years in costing and budgeting.
  • * 1 years in other area of accounting.
  • Fluent communication in English (minimal level 3).
  • Position Responsibilities

    Purpose of the role:

    • To assist Manager of Expatriate Payroll and Expat administration in doing day to day cash and activities; banking, Tax , to make the payment and reporting to meet the requirement of Shared Service Organization compliance. For accounting purposes, he or she will need to manage all of Jakarta office account payables, payment, reconciliation and its accounting related matters.


    • Carry out administration and payment of cash advance and expense claim.
    • To submit report Jakarta office’s daily disbursement.
    • To submit accounting routine activities for Jakarta office, including prepare and enter all the related accounting joural entries and bank reconciliation, include journal entries for payroll.
    • To maintain corporate credit cards
    • To prepare & complete both corporate & cardholder application form, final agreement both corporate & bank card issuer and corporate & cardholder, distribute card to cardholders
    • Receives billing statements each month & prepare accounting journal entries. Distribute billing statement to cardholders
    • Follow up settlements to each cardholder & prepare accounting journal entries
    • To prepare tax payment and reporting to meet all Jakarta office compliance
    • Manage Income Tax & Corporate Tax Payment
    • Create Electronic Surat Setoran Pajak (eSSP) as the above payment’s supporting documents
    • Report to Large Tax Office of both tax payment & the related documents

    Chemist (Code : CH-ER)

    Position Requirements

    • S1 Graduated from recognized University majoring in Chemistry
    • Fluent speaking and writing English
    • Certified for ISO 17025 training
    • Preferable experience with Instrumental Analysis (AAS, UV/Vis, ICP Spectrometer, XRF Spectrometer, LECO, Bomb Calorimeter, etc).
    • Knowledge on Applied Statistic

    Position Responsibilities

    Purpose of the role:

    • Provide technical support and expertise to the Laboratory (including Sample House) and Plant Operation regarding sampling, physical and chemical analysis. And, act as quality control on Laboratory outputs.


    • Develop and validate Standard Operational Procedures in sampling, preparation and analytical activities.
    • Plan, establish and evaluate the calibration program of sampling, sample preparation and analytical equipments.
    • Assist Lab Manager to develop the skill of people by participation in transferring new method or technology. Provide necessary training for people.
    • Work collaterally with engineers in Operation and Process Technology to run developmental projects.
    • Set up, plan and execute short and long term projects on sampling and analytical areas. Including coordination of manpower required to run the test, under assistance of Laboratory Manager.
    • Plan, organize, and evaluate laboratory participation in proficiency test or external round robin to cross check laboratory precision and accuracy.
    • Establish and approve the laboratory quality system documents of ISO 17025 except quality manual on various media, whether hard copy or electronic and distribute the documents to authorized personnel
    • Ensure that up to date and authorized editions of appropriate documents are implemented by all personnel in the organization of laboratory and remove invalid or obsolete documents from all points of issue or use
    • Maintain hardware and software systems in computers that used in the laboratory including security system, back-ups, mail, and print
    • Plan, organize, and evaluate the implementation of internal audits program for all elements of quality system including analysis activities
    • Where appropriate and needed, review finding of nonconformities and recommend corrective actions are taken by audit internal team in implementing of internal audit program
    • Conduct follow-up audit to verify the implementation and effectiveness of internal audit corrective actions which are carried-out by auditee, if needed
    • Identify the root cause(s) of the problem for non-conformity of sampling, preparation and analysis activities.
    • Plan and conduct requirement of laboratory equipment, reagents and consumable materials and validate the purchasing documents of laboratory equipment, reagents and consumable materials that affect the quality of tests prior to release
    • Conduct Safety Layer Audit

    General Tax Accountant (Code :F-ER)

    Position Requirements

    • Bachelor (S1) in Accountancy and GPA : > 2.85 (scale 4,00)
    • Minimum 1 Years in Accountancy and Tax matter
    • Will be advantage if holding certification BREVET A from IKPI

    Technical Specialization:

    • English
    • Literacy in Microsoft Office applications
    • Communication skills
    • Familiar Financial Statement and computerized accounting system
    • Tax matters especially VAT, WHT and Corporate Tax.

    Position Responsibilities

    Purpose of the role:

    • To ensure PTI complies with the all tax regulations related to the invoice processing, Contract of Work in financial obligations, and to optimize tax saving by implementing central tax and regional tax regulations correctly in day to day tax activities.


    • To receive and to process vendor’s invoices and incoming tax invoices, timely and in line with the company policy and as per tax regulation.
    • To follow-up the tax problem to Vendors and Internal PT Inco customers, in order to optimizing the refundable taxes i.e. VAT and income tax.
    • To make sure and administer of all tax payment with the tax invoice had paid and to contribute to Tax Reconciliation Process.
    • To ensure that all tax accounts in Balance sheet already reconciled with the tax reporting and book the CTA and tax refund received.
    • Filling of reported tax invoices and the back up such us transfer slip, advice of payment, Tax Payment slip ( SSP), routing slip and invoices.
    • Involve in tax filing management system to ensure the readiness in facing the tax audit and Customs Audit

    Terms and Condition:

    1. Please submit your CV, recent photograph, copy of proof of work experience, copy of academic certificate (all attachment only in pdf format), to pti_recruiting@vale.com (PT VALE only processes application sent to this email address).
    2. Position name and code MUST be written on email subject.
    3. Closing date is on March 19, 2012 at 4pm.
    4. Only applicants that meet requirements with complete documents as required above will be notified for further selection process

    E-mail : pti_recruiting@vale.com