Lowongan Kerja Perum Jasa Tirta 1


Lowongan Perum Jasa Tirta 1 Malang  Februari 2013 РUntuk SMK dan Sarjana

Background The establishment of Jasa Tirta I

Jarno.web.id – Sustainability of irrigation infrastructure functions determine the successful management of water resources. To achieve these sustainability aspects of the operation and maintenance (O & M) of water resources infrastructure (SDA) is essential to ensure the benefits of water services and protect society from the destructive force of water.

Problems faced by the Government of Indonesia since 30 years ago (until now) in conducting O & M is a lack of funding. This limitation has resulted in decreased function of the SDA because it reduces the age of infrastructure and technical performance of the building. As a result, the water supply capacity to meet the demands of various sectors of users (agriculture, domestic, industrial, and environmental) come down.

To answer the above issues, initiated the establishment of a “business entity” which has the main task of the river and its infrastructure mengeIola SDA has been built, so the water needs for the various sectors can be provided accountable.

The idea of establishing a business entity is emerging since the 1970s, after the completion of two major dams in the Brantas River Region.

Having made study visits to several institutions of water management and / or natural resources infrastructure in the United States, Australia, Britain, Japan and France in the early 1980′s, it was decided to assess the viability of establishing a similar institution in the management of Indonesia

Perum Jasa Tirta 1 invites the best candidates to join as following positions below :

  1. Calon Karyawan Tenaga Ahli Pemula (CTAP)
  2. Calon Karyawan Non Tenaga Ahli (CNTA)


  • Age at the time to apply for a maximum of 30 years per 25 February 2013.
  • For labor outsourcing in PJT I maximum age limit of 35 years per 25 February 2013, with a minimum of 5 years work experience (with proof of a letter of recommendation / statement superiors).
  • GPA (S1) of at least 3.00 / STTB Value (CMS) Minimum 6.0; able to work in the field.
  • Special application form (excel), can be downloaded at www.jasatirta1.co.id, fill out and send to the email address: recruitment@jasatirta1.co.id filled in accordance with the subject of the email application code.
  • Application documents are included in a sealed envelope with the application code on the top left hand corner, addressed to:

Kepala Biro SDM & Umum
Perusahaan Umum Jasa Tirta I
Jl. Surabaya 2A, Malang 65115
PO BOX 39 Malang

Registration is open from 11 February 2013 and closed on February 25, 2013. (email & postal stamp)

Terms & Conditions applicants Bachelor degree (S1) & Vocational School (SMK):

Selection Result Announcement Administrative Decisions will be announced by www.jasatirta1.co.id.

The file must be attached to the application requirements:

  • Application forms are completed
  • Curriculum Vitae / Curiculum Vitae
  • Copy of:
  • S1: Last Diploma & Transcript (legalization) *
  • SMK: Diploma / STTB (Alternating-legalization) & Year-End Transcript of Education *
  • (for those who do not have a diploma, please include the following statement to pass the original transcript)
  • Stage a Certificate of Good / SKCK valid
  • Certificate in Computer Operating Capability (if applicable)
  • Drug-Free Certificate from competent authority
  • Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate)
  • Certificate of employment from the company work before (when it works)
  • Certificate / other award Charter (if any)

Stages Selection Includes:

  1. Psychological tests
  2. Test of English (for CTAP)
  3. Health Test
  4. Academic & General Knowledge Test
  5. Recent photos fit Size 4 X 6 (2 sheets)
  6. Certificate of English Language Ability (if any)
  7. interview

Other provisions:

  • Not done correspondence, during the recruitment process takes place, if it proves no one does it, then the question be disqualified.
  • Applicants who do not pass the selection and administration, application will not be returned and become the property of Perum Jasa Tirta I.
  • The cost of transportation and accommodation of applicants during the selection process is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • For applicants who had sent a proposal to the PJT I, declared null and void. In order to apply for return in accordance with the requirements of the announcement.
  • Application with No Phone / Mobile number.
  • No charge of any kind in the implementation of the prospective employee acceptance PJT I.
  • Preferably at least 1 year work experience in the field.
  • For every 1 (one) we need to call the 10 (ten) best applicants.
  • Willing to be placed in the working area Perum Jasa Tirta I.
  • Committee decision to recruit employees PJT I can not sue alone.




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